D-Moll Head
It cannot be understated how versatile the channels of this amp are. The amp reacts fast, with a gain character that is smooth and transparent. It allows the voicing's of you and your chosen instrument to breathe. Without stamping a pre-suggested style over your playing, whilst retaining it's own stunning Diezel tone and character.

Channel 1 is extremely musical and clean, it can also get a little compressed and overdriven with maxed gain. Channel 2 has a very natural sounding gain structure, ranging from Texas to heavy rhythm and a natural feeling lead. Very uncompressed on low gain, but nicely saturated on higher gain. Channel 3 ranges from soft lead to heavy saturated rhythm to singing lead. Nice and creamy when you roll back the tone control a little, but also brutal when you crank up the gain.

The D-Moll boasts a selectable mid cut feature, sweeping from full mid bite through to a dark scoop. The mid cut feature has a compensation control called "level". This allows the guitar volume to be compensated if the mid cut is engaged in mid song. The D-Moll's master section features dual volume controls, and global presence and deep control knobs.

The D-Moll does not include a midi pedal or foot switch, as often guitarists using midi will already own one. We find that owners of this amp are delighted with the purchase of a Columbus Midi Switcher, which you will find under 'Accessories'.


The D-Moll is available in a sleek boutique grey or the Diezel signature black Tolex and anodized grill.

A D-Moll head can be yours for only a 40% down payment, check out the payment plans for illustrations.


Power: 100 Watt
Outputs: 1 for 16ohm load, 2 for 2 16ohm or 1 8ohm loads, and 2 for 2 8ohm or 1 4ohm loads.
Channels: 3 channels
Tone Sculpting: Global presence, depth and assignable mid cut. Channel 1 has independent tone stage. Channels 2 & 3 share tone controls.
Volumes: Indepent volume for each channel and 2 master volumes.
Switching: Midi or soon to be released 7 button FS7HE
Midi: Midi in & thru (phantom power)
(Midi pedal not included) or via Diezel Columbus XLR.
Loops: Serial, mixable parallel (assignable).
Compensated out: Compensated recording out
(speaker load needed)
Tubes: Preamp ECC83 - Poweramp KT77
Dimensions: 590W x 270H x 290D mm (inc. handle)
Shipping Size: 860W x 400H x 420D
Weight: 23kg