Einstein Combo
The combo version of the Einstein is compact with four sounds located in two channels. Channel switching is silent, and comes complete with two effects loops and a recording output, that can be hooked directly to your mixing console or PA. It has two switchable master volumes, which expand the sonic abilities further. The Einstein captures all of the stunning Diezel sounds, in an amp that never forgets its vintage roots.

The sounds range from a stunning sparkling clean, to a pretty vintage sounding crunch (goes from SRV to AC/DC) and the typical Diezel mega-crunch of mode three in the first channel.

The lead, the unique sound of channel two, is fluid and is able to make you and your guitar sing, cry, scream or shout.

The Einstein combo includes a test point for external biasing with a multimeter and two foot switches (for channel, master volume and reverb switching).

Power: 50 Watt
Outputs: 1 for 16ohm load, 2 for 2 16ohm or 1 8ohm loads, and 2 for 2 8ohm or 1 4ohm loads.
Recording compensated output
Channels: 2 independent channels. channel one has three modes (clean, texas, mega)
Tone Sculpting: Each channel has treble, middle, bass & reverb. Master presence & deep
Volumes: Two switchable master volumes
Loops: Serial and mixable parallel
Tubes: Preamp ECC83 - Poweramp KT77
Dimensions: 590W x 455H x 300D mm (inc. handle)
Shipping Size: 700W x 600H x 410D mm
Weight: 31kg
Manuals available to download only and not included with your amplifier (paper saving environmentally aware).
 Einstein manual (pdf)  Einstein biasing (pdf)