Hagen Head
Hagen is Diezel's answer to the needs of today's axemen: a hyper versatile, modern sounding, multi-channel amp loaded with four individual preamps, useful features, easily accessable via midi and a strong poweramp. Hagen covers the whole territory of modern guitar sounds no matter if 6 or 7 stringed.

A Hagen head can be yours for only a 40% down payment, check out the payment plans for illustrations.

Power: 100 Watt, biasable in pairs (2 trimmers)
Outputs: 1 for 16ohm load, 2 for 2 16ohm or 1 8ohm loads, and 2 for 2 8ohm or 1 4ohm loads.
Channels: 4 independent channels (clean, crunch, mega, lead)
Tone Sculpting: Each channel has treble, mids and bass, master presence and depth
Volumes: Indepent volume for each channel and 2 master volumes
Loops: Serial, mixable parallel and midi switchable.
Midi: Midi in & thru (phantom power)
(Midi pedal not included)
Tubes: Preamp ECC83 - Poweramp KT77
Dimensions: 750W x 275H x 290D mm (inc. handle)
Shipping Size: 860W x 400H x 420D mm
Weight: 27kg
Manuals available to download only and not included with your amplifier (paper saving environmentally aware).
 Hagen manual (pdf)