Schmidt Head
The Schmidt head is a 30 or 15 watt class A amplifier, with three channels and two equaliser sections. Channel switching is silent, and comes complete with tube driven reverb and switchable effects loop.

Channel one is clean, pretty and rich, delivering in the way only a well designed Class A amplifier can. Touch sensivity, ringing chords and a musical reverb all combine for a breath taking experience. All the stunning sounds of country, jazz and blues are avaliable in abundance.

Starting where channel one leaves off, think of texas crunch, Malcolm Young through to 80's metal tones. No matter what your style, true satisfaction comes from the rich overtones the Schmdit delivers here.

Again starting where channel two leaves off. With its own volume and gain it shares channel twos tone sculpting controls. From light to dark tones this is by no means a channel stuck in any one genre.

The Schmidt head includes a footswitch (for channel, loop and reverb switching), The footswitch runs via phantom power of a simple guitar cable. Due to its cathode bias, tubes can be swapped easily. Biasing not necessary by the user.

Power: 30 Watt Class A
Outputs: 1 for 16ohm load, 2 for 2 16ohm or 1 8ohm loads, and 2 for 2 8ohm or 1 4ohm loads.
Channels: 3 channels (clean, crunch, "more" crunch)
Tone Sculpting: Channel one and two have their own treble, middle & bass. Channel three shares the tone controls of channel 2
Volumes: Indepent volume for each channel
Loops: Tube buffered series/parallel loop
Tubes: Preamp ECC83 - Poweramp 6550, KT88, EL34, 6L6 or 15 Watt with 6V6
Dimensions: 505W x 295H x 320D mm (inc. handle)
Manuals available to download only and not included with your amplifier (paper saving environmentally aware).
 Schmidt manual (pdf)